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Oil & Gas

Equipment in Oil and Gas processing undergo extreme wear, fronting high & low temperatures, wet and dry environments, abrasive and corrosive hydrocarbons, making it crucial to have the most advanced wear lining solutions available.

Industry Focus

Advanced innovation for continuous improvements

ECI invests 10% of funds into Research and Developments, allowing us to continuously improve on existing products and develop newly innovative products to face the harsh conditions during the separation, stabilisation, treatment and refining stages in Oil and Gas processing.

Our range of products include:

  • Metallic lining products

  • Hardfacing

  • Advanced Ceramic products

Advanced Wear Technology
Weld Overlay

Weld Overlay

Manufactured beyond world-class standards under strict Australian safety guidelines, our range of Welded overlay liners is amongst the industry's best globally.



Advanced ceramics have proven to be the frontrunner in wear protection, typically outlasting standard metallic overlay and giving up to 10 times the life expectancy.

Quenched & Tempered Steel

Quenched & Tempered Steel

ECI supplies a range of Quenched and Tempered steel plate. With four large profile cutting tables ECI can cut shapes from 1mm up to 200mm thick.

Coated Protection

Coated Protection

EnduraCoat™  and ECI MAXI™ are Tungsten overlays provided by Enduraclad to bring a cost-effective solution for prolonging the life of equipment subject to extreme wear.

Both EnduraCoat™  and ECI MAXI™ are used in high abrasion applications whilst EMEX™ coatings are the ultimate with design features to suit both impact and abrasion equally.

Enduracoat™  is Tungsten Grit 0.6mm - 1.2mm in particle size and welded with an iron matrix while ECI MAXI™ is Tungsten carbide powder up to 55% welded with a nickel boron matrix. Both serve to increase wear life many times more than the original part.  EMEX™ is a total game changer with proprietary ingredients, the results will amaze even the most seasoned user of protection coatings.

Ni-Hards & Billets, Wear Blocks

Ni-Hards & Billets, Wear Blocks

Oil & Gas

Wear Solutions

Award Winning Reliability & Innovation

Including 2018 Optus Awards Manufacturing Business of the year.

Since 2011

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Supplying the world with Australian-made wear solutions.

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