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Enduraclad manufacture Overlay Wear Plate in strategic locations around the globe and locally here in Australia. ECI has strict quality controls to ensure both entry level products and premium products are of the highest quality.

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CTC6000®  is the super extreme in wear resistant wear plate and is designed for applications that experience severe abrasion and moderate impact, where standard chromium carbide wear plate is proving ineffective. Customized to suit each application, CTC6000®  is the ultimate choice when resisting wear.


Variations in CTC6000® are produced to suit the application intent and the thickness required. Please see your consultant for advice on best product for you.



ECI MAXI® is the super extreme in wear resistant wear plate and is designed for applications that experience severe abrasion, where standard wear plate is ineffective.


Tungsten Carbide granules are spread through a tough matrix of Ni,Si,B producing high hardness resulting in significant increases in service life over other standard overlay wear plate.



EMEX® The new generation of wearplate has arrived.

Email emex@enduraclad.com.au for more details



Superflow® is Enduraclad’s answer for promoting material flow and minimizing friction. This material ingeniously produced by our proprietary machine comes in ‘smooth’ and ‘polished’ finish surfaces.


The polished surface creates a virtual NON STICK surface preventing hang up of sticky products in many applications



Manufactured locally with high
quality materials, our ECI60 is a
standard level wear resistant plate
and is designed for applications
that experience high abrasion and
moderate impact.



– Slurry Pipes

– Chute walls

– Buckets

– Skirt Panels


Typical Specifications

Cr % 21-35

C % 3.5-7.5

Other elements: Mn



ECI80 is a quality grade CCO wear
plate, suitable for high wear areas.
Expected to last up to 3 times that
of standard D60 plate of equal
thickness. ECI80 has excellent impact
and abrasion resistance.



– Chute Liners

– Dump Tray liners

– Impact Curtains

– Screen Decks


Typical Specifications

Cr % 21-35

C % 4.5-7.5

Other elements: Mn, Mo,Nb,Ti,V,W


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